About us

Founded in 2013, “Home Base” is an NGO committed to supporting homeless individuals across Israel and guiding their transition back into society. Story by story, we aim to strengthen civil society in Israel.

The Home Base Association gives homeless individuals in Israel an opportunity to rehabilitate their lives using a new and holistic model that helps to bridge  their return into society. We use various tools in order to create a personal  connection with each participant, in addition to forming a community which gives them a sense of belonging and raises their self esteem. Through the personal and communal connections,  we make a significant change in the lives of the homeless in Israel.

The Social Challenge

According to official reports, there are 2,500 homeless individuals in Israel, however, non profit organizations report a much higher number, possibly even thousands more than the official record. This population suffers from a myriad of challenges including; isolation, distrust of public institutions, addiction, employment problems, and severe poverty.

Our Work Method


Creating connections

Using creative means to create a relationship based on trust


Building a personal plan

Getting to know the problems and needs of each participant


Emotional support

We accompany of participants through their journey, through their highs and lows.

Successes and Achievments

  • #1 Organization fighting homelessness in Israel
  • 250 participants per year. 80% of participants maintain the connection with us after the first year.
  • 60% recovered from addiction
  • 50% of participants moved off the street into apartments or hostels
  • 35% have found employment with our support


Our Staff

Yael Sela
Board Member
Hadas Mor
Board Member
Niv Balush
Board Member
Gili Swary
Board Member
Rotem Philipps
Board Member
Shai Alharal
Project Manager of “Shishi Beithi”
ג'וני גולן
Jonny Golan
Board Member
דנה פני-גיל
Dana Penny-Gil
Coordinator of the Women's Choir 'Hallelu'
Hagai Viloga
Coordinator of the Tel Aviv Football Team
Mordechai Gabay
Coordinator of the Jerusalem Football Team
Galit Strusman
Resource Development Manager
Dudu Elbaz
Project Manager
Amit Zur
Professional Manager
Omri Avramovich
Founder and Chairman of the Board
Ori Shoham
CEO and Founder

Our Volunteers

Creating Homes

We, at Home Base, aim to create a community where every individual finds their way back home, no matter where they’ve been.